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Cheetah Oilfield began in 2013 as a oilfield service equipment provider. However in 2017 it was acquired under new ownership with a vision to design and build equipment, only then started the pursuit of industry leading equipment that would be Smarter, Faster & Better than the equipment it replaces. Efficiency is found in every part of a process and at Cheetah Oilfield we will try to find it in every area of equipment design. Like a Cheetah in the wild there is no wasted time or energy until it is needed to accomplish the mission.


Innovation is what drives our world forward. At Cheetah Oilfield we want to do this in Drilling & Completions industries. It is always a good time to ask why not and then look for a better way to do something.

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Carl has been designing, building and selling various types of equipment since 2005. Educated in mechanical engineering, he realized electrical engineering and software engineering are part of everything good in our mechanical future. Now learning and integrating these other disciplines is at the core of his approach to design. With experience in many industries including designing automated and patented equipment, formal training in ISO and API standards, why not apply this to the Drilling and Completions Industry.